We all have a role to play

A typical person gets to live with 5 generations in the bloodline that he/she belongs to. Grandparents-Parents-Self-Children-Grandchildren.

There are lucky few who get to see all five generations at the same time and get a chance to snap a photo together like her:


Source: Pamela Walsh’s blog, https://potentialwithin.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/my-grandmas-hands-across-the-generations-across-the-net/

And then, there are most, who get to interact with close variants of their DNAs, residing within different physical forms (I love ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach :P), at different points of time in life.

Timeframe of 5 generations seems fascinating because you get a chance to see the world changing in 5 generations- when you were kid, you saw your grandparents’ world, you became a part of your own world as you grew up and then you created a world for your grandchildren, and you see them growing up in that world. All happening in front of your eyes, as time travels!

From past few days I have been thinking about the changing world, and the change seems really promising to me in many means (what I discuss today) as well as it offers challenges in many aspects. But then, challenges make Life interesting and fun.

Today is November 2, 2015. My grandfather was of 22 years, X-months, Y-days on the same day in 1947 [It was time when Chhas-Rotla (typical food of Indian lower middle-class) was of more importance than birthday cakes] and I am of 22 years, 2 months and 15 days while I write today! While wondering about transient phenomenon in world, I recently stumbled upon GapMinder website (It helps one to create interactive graphs from World Bank and other relevant data) and I was really amazed to see how great our forefathers have done so far, and where our responsibilities lie in creating a better world for our bloodlines in future.

I realize that amazing developments have taken place in recent times across the world that we fail to acknowledge in our prejudiced notion of ‘developing world’.

People are living long lives now. [www.bit.ly/1Q2q5dj]


Average life of an Indian on Earth has increased from 32 years in 1947 to 67 years today! Civil war-bound Yemen Republic did great on this front and increased life expectancy 2.83 fold (from 24 to 68) in 68 years. Guatemala, a ‘cheap-technology’ experiment laboratory of students from US Universities (!) crossed 70 years life-expectancy mark in 2009, and Libya almost touched Belgium back in 1980 on this front!!

Then, I looked up on Literacy rate data. [www.bit.ly/1Q2q8pw]


Okay, I admit, I didn’t know there was a country named Burundi as well on this beautiful planet, and I don’t think either you were aware of this country’s existence before reading this. Well, here it is on map:


Source: http://www.dictionarybank.com/burundi-map-5-10/

Increase in literacy rate from 23% to 87% isn’t a small achievement in a period of 27 years. Hats off, Burundi! Just look at Syria (I mean, in graph, not in TV :P). Amazing, isn’t it? Literacy rate in Kazakhstan has been same as that of Italy from past 20 years or so. Are we talking a serious stuff, here? Hell, yeah!

Countries like India, Libya, China, Guatemala are on their way to be on par with the United States in the front of child mortality. [www.bit.ly/1Q2qE70]


In the world that we don’t see, or often see with prejudiced notion, families are producing less babies than ever before, and it is overwhelming to see steady progress in this direction in the so called ‘third world countries’. [www.bit.ly/1Q2qRXU]


Making significant progress on social fronts is really difficult task since it involves changing of mindset and moving forward from what has been thought to be correct for decades and so on. May be, the desire to live better life has been enough motivational force to overcome the challenges!

In this regard, I think, it’s high time we change the picture of developing world in our minds from


Source: http://genius.com/1826027



Source: http://www.astronomy2009.org/resources/multimedia/images/detail/iya1003b/

[Yes, we still need to do a lot to reach there, but we are on the correct path from past 3 generations, and I hope that we will pass significant milestones within the next 2 generations time-frame.]

In the world that we don’t see, families are getting smaller, people are getting access to formal education and yes, they are living 60+ years of LIFE. Even more remarkable observation is that developing world did a great progress in Social front, even when their economies didn’t have much to offer.

I believe, there is a constant desire in human minds to make the world a better place, while some provide spark to the desire and subsequently lead the human civilization in a better direction, there are many who lack the spark, but nevertheless give a huge contribution in the process anonymously because they all have the same desire – just unexpressed. This makes me love human race. Challenges don’t make us down, we stand up and face them with whatever resources we possess, and we end up defeating those challenges while learning a lot in the process that spans generations, may be 5?! We have done that in past, and we are constantly doing it. We just do it!

Or, may be the world is a simulation and our actions are nothing but a part of the code.


Source: http://matrix.wikia.com/wiki/Matrix

Whatever may it be, human nature loves tackling challenges, and as we move forward, we will keep enjoying our time on Earth while we find solutions for more pressing issues! We all have a role to play, the need is to find the one that we enjoy!